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About Us

Bridging the Color Divide is a community-based anti-racism organization in Orlando, Florida. Through educational activities, community-building, and ongoing conversation, we seek to bridge the divide between communities of different races, ethnicities, and identities.



What You Can Do to Help:

In Orlando, educate yourself about the history of Hannibal Square, historic West Winter Park, and other historic Black communities.

Attend public meetings of your city council and city commissioners to learn about preserving the historic nature of Black neighborhoods and about issues such as development, re-zoning, and gentrification in unique historic neighborhoods.

Winter Park, you can also contact the Hannibal Square Heritage Center at


Bridging the Color Divide conducts trainings, discussions, and groups. Our anti-racism trainings are based on the work of Ibram X. Kendi (How to Be an Anti-Racist and Stamped from the Beginning), as well as books by Robin DiAngelo, White Fragility and Nice Racism.
We also participate in and sponsor reading groups around particular books/subjects. To find out more or to organize a training for your organization or group, contact us at @BCDWP on Facebook or at (508)783-8308.